Binley Woods Village
Binley Woods Village

Our History

Binley Woods’ history is relatively modern as this village only began settlement during the 1920s. Estates of Coombe Abbey were sold off and so residents moved to this area and began to settle.

During the 1940s wartime period, Coventry was heavily bombed forcing many to move away from the city centre or  left homeless. This period saw an increase in settlement as many had to find a new safer place to live futher away from the city centre.


The late 1950s saw Binley Woods formally adopt its current name and in 1987 a village church was established.


Here you will find a link illustrating the development of the village overtime.


Development of Binley Woods
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Development over time 

Illustrations of the development of the village.

We are...

We are a friendly village within the Borough of Rugby located just outside of Coventry. Explore the website to find out more.

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